Q. Can we do our own catering? A yes

Q. Do you supply staff ? A yes

Q. Can we set up a bar tab ? A yes

Q. How much does it cost ? A Hall hire costs vary from $100 to $200 depending on numbers,. In additriuon Bar Staff costs range from $100 to $275 again depending on numbers and the duration of the function. A bond of between $100 - $200 is payable and is refundanble if the premises is left in a neat and tidy condition

Q. Can we cincorparate bare foot bowls in our function A Yes - the cost is $6 a head with all equipment suplplied. PLease note that you must wear flat soled shoes or bowl in bbare feet. No Smoking , Drinking or eating on the greens

Q. Does the Club arrange catering? A. NO

Q. Are BBQ facitities available? A. yes