Heatherdale Recreation & Bowls Club

Victorious Heatherdale Night Pennant Team
2004/5 Section 1 Winners
A great result after 10 wins, 1 loss, 2 byes and 1 washout for the season. The team vied with MCC for top of their section throughout the season, finishing on top for the last three games.

The semi final was played against a strong Mitcham team, with Heatherdale fighting back from being well down during the game to win by 5 shots.

The final was played against MCC for the second time in three years and, like the semi final, Heatherdale came back from 17 shots down after 28 ends to win by 17 shots. (Heatherdale also won the final three years ago.)

Back row: Rod Whitehouse, Leon Berner, Bill Holmes, Dennis Youngs, Russell Covell, Alby Ballard, Jim Corcoran, Michael Power, Arthur Coghlan (manager)

Front row: Gunter Loidl, Jim Boucher, Bob Pearse, Graham Sharp, Alan Smart, Rex Hutson, Norm Bracken, Cliff Green, Gil Frederic